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#8 - thathomestuckguy
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(04/02/2014) [-]
I swear to god one of my teachers is a ******* idiot.
> Be in school computer room.
> Big project needing to be done.
> Haven't been in for about 2 weeks, so have tons of **** to catch up on.
> "Blah blah blah qualifax.com"
> ok.jpg
> Open Google Chrome
> Load up the site, start typing **** up.
> Went better than expected.png
> Suddenly teacher appears out of ******* nowhere like some sort of blonde cave wretch strapped to a heat-seeking missile.
> Closes Google Chrome before I can do anything.
> Opens Internet Explorer.
> WTF is this ****?
> "Don't bother with that. Internet Explainer's faster."
> "Internet Explainer's faster."
> Internet Explainer
> MFW sitting there for a good 3 minutes while 6 unnecessary tabs open themselves.
The thing was infested with those free toolbar things too.
Absolutely disgusting.