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I Love The HALO World


I love the HALO World<br />
...and all it's sights and sounds<br />
<br />
Watch on Newgrounds for better quality: You need to login to view this link <br />
<br />
Artist: Kieren N (Greenfrost6)<br />
Additional Audio: The Discovery Channel<br />
I love the HALO World is based off Discovery Channel's advertising campaign 'The World is Just Awesome', also known as 'Boom De Ya Da' and 'I love the whole world'.<br />
<br />
A lot of hard work (and procrastination) has been put into this, so I hope you enjoy it.<br />
<br />
Special thanks to InnerRayg. His contact information, as well as a link to the original Discovery Channel YouTube video, can be found at the end of the movie.<br />
<br />
I do not own and did not make this video

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Views: 1431 Submitted: 09/22/2010
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#2 - grabbinpeelz
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(09/14/2013) [-]
The video is private... wow
#1 - anon
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(09/22/2010) [-]
6 is better then chief