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Real Warthog from Halo

These guys are from the halo movie being made, and had some fun with a real warthog based from the game.

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Submitted: 08/16/2009
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User avatar #4 - toxictouch (08/20/2010) [-]
am i the only one who just had a mangasm?
User avatar #5 - Ghostdoom (02/26/2011) [-]
This was posted on my mom's b-day...
#3 - anonymous (08/20/2009) [-]
Those aren't people from the movie those are bungie employies, dont you listen to the bungie podcast!
#2 - anonymous (08/17/2009) [-]
ha! its running on TSL Boggers! Mean ****** tyres!
#1 - anonymous (08/17/2009) [-]
Tht's fcking epic!! I want one! And I don't normally do this, but..... 1st comment!!
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