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not mine found on you tube and brests blocked out so SFW<br />
<br />
see more @ You need to login to view this link Tila is seen in this video footage trying to perform, but the crowd of juggalos obviously hate's her for whatever reason. Bottles are seen flying through the air as Tila uses her bodyguards as human shields. At one point a fan tries to rush the stage, but is grabbed by security. All the while, Tila keeps on rapping and tells the crowd she loves them and &quot;I aint going nowhere, I aint no Paris Hilton in this b*tch&quot;. Colt Cabana, a former WWE wrestler witnessed the chaos. He told TMZ it lasted about 15 minutes. He says a security guard told him someone had a watermelon that had been fermenting in urine and f**** for two days and that they had been saving it all weekend for Tila. What's not seen on tape is Tila flashing her breasts to calm the crowd down (which they ignored). And them allegedly chasing her and attacking her trailer.

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