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Hey Mario!


BRAND NEW SONG FROM PATENT PENDING'S NEW ALBUM "Brighter!" The song is called "Hey Mario."
Lyrics -
I know you think you love her but dude it's such a bummer how you chase that
girl around
You've been fighting all her battles if she's really worth the hassle you'd be
living in the castle by now
It makes me sick how you break these bricks for a girl who barely knows you
Now you're tripping on mushrooms just for fun
I think you've to a problem
Mario get your ($&@!) together bro
You've got to know this princess isn't worth these extra lives
Just let her go Mario you're a next level bro and she's a jump too short when
the clock is running low
Hey Mario get your ($&@!) together
Hey Mario or you'll chase this (@&$?!) forever
Warp zone friend zone high score no more stalking this chick in a Koopa-Troopa
Live life easy like Luigi ain't never let a Ho get em' down
Let Koopa keep her bro grab a flower and go we'll jump the flag pole and light
up the night
Hit rainbow road with toad we spinning them tires and spitting hot fire
The peach been cheating and you know I ain't talking code
You're a plumber a doctor a race car driver an athlete a spaceman a super smash
survivor you've got coins like mad get a bachelor pad down In co-co beach where
the hunnies at yeah get up get up get off the floor she's not the one worth
fighting for

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