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Majora's Mask: Nicolas Cage pack


After months of uncomfortable work, the Nicolas Cage texture pack for Majora's Mask is finally finished. Why make this you may ask? I wish I had an answer for you. The truth is co-modder Shayne and I lost the luxury of free will as soon as we began working on this project. We had no goal, only Cage.

We hope you, the viewer, can glean some degree of enjoyment from this piece of work and would like to make it perfectly clear we meant no disrespect to the Majora's Mask game or to the glorious Mr. Cage with this perverse compilation.

All music in this video is from the Majora's Mask soundtrack by
Koji Kondo.

Keep up to date with my future atrocities on twitter: twitter.com/CrikMaster

(I haven't been able to compile this texture mod in an easily-playable way yet. I'll update you all with a copy if I can find a solution. Until then you'll have to view the content via this video and subsequent live-streams of Majora's Mask.)

Views: 825 Submitted: 09/12/2013
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