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How Chinese Workers Transport A Utility


Chinese Pole Transport
How Chinese Workers Transport A Utility Pole Without A Truck
Most of us are so brainwashed by the powerful truck-usage lobbies that we can't even consider any other options to moving things. Got a huge utility pole to move? Then you need a truck, right? But consider this: maybe you don't. This bunch of clever utility workers in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province of China sure as hell don't. They just needed an idea and an iron ox, both of which they had.

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瑶溪街道致富路上,交警查获一辆神车。神马保时捷,神马玛莎拉蒂,神马GTR,在它面前,都是浮云,统统秒杀。最前面的带头大哥,那真是风一样的男子:那销魂的坐姿,那不屑的回首一瞥,还有头上的那顶小钢盔,都深深折服了我......@温州都市报 @温州草根新闻
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