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Back to school bully gets what's coming!

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It's Back to School! Let's go back to when Gak was in school and encountered a thick-headed bully. Dealing with bullies is never easy, and it's always going to be painful whether it be emotionally or physically. It's important to stand up for yourself right off the bat. If you let someone bully you once, they'll bully you all your life. If you make it difficult for them to bully you, majority of the time they will stop. Who knows, maybe you'll even become friends, never underestimate the power of friendship!

Schools may tell you to tell a teacher or an adult, but that's not how it works in the real world, most of the time you will have to deal with crappy people on your own. So it's best to make a habit of sticking up for yourself and others. But just remember, if you're in a dangerous situation involving guns or knives or anything of that sort, just give them what they want as it's not worth your throwing your life away over petty things.

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Composed by: Boris Elkis


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