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The moment a woman gives birth on the fl

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The moment a woman gives birth on the floor of a hospital LOBBY within thirty minutes of arriving.

A pregnant woman managed to get as far as the hospital lobby before giving birth to her baby, just yards from the delivery room.

Susana Privata, from Miami, Florida, was captured on CCTV cameras sprawled on the lobby floor as her husband, Carlos Saravia, attended to her.

Within 30 minutes, she gave birth to a six-pound-eight-ounce baby girl named Dayana, with the help of a surgical nurse who happened to walk into the hospital at the right moment.

Ms Privada was two weeks from her due date when she felt pains as she was showering at home, and decided to go to the hospital.

In a video on You need to login to view this link , she says she arrived at the hospital and asked for a wheelchair. 'But I said at the same time, "It's out, it's out!"' she says.

The footage shows her being helped to the floor by her husband, who sits by her side trying to help.

Moments later, nurse Libardo Lozano - who works in surgery, not obtetrics, and had therefore never delivered a baby before - is seen walking in.

'I was actually running because I didn't want to be late for my job,' he says of his fortunate timing.

Seeing Ms Privata on the floor, he springs to action, kneeling down next to her and getting ready to perform his first-ever delivery.

To make matters more stressful, the nurse noticed that the baby had her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. 'So I had to maneouvre the baby,' he says.

Mr Lozano says the only moment he got nervous was when he delivered the baby, but she didn't cry.

Finally, after giving her a rub on the back, she let out a wail and the mother and baby were happily united.

According to You need to login to view this link , Ms Privada asked Mr Lozano if he would be the godfather to her newborn, and he agreed.

The staff at the Jackson South Community Hospital were happy that the delivery went so smoothly, despite the circumstances.

Nevertheless, in a release, CEO Carlos Migoya reminded patients: 'We can't guarantee that every Jackson patient will have such a speedy delivery, but we can guarantee the best care for whatever happens with your birth.'

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