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#8 - anon
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(08/27/2013) [-]
and here is the last episode ( the reason of humble bundle ) :
.Actually,it passed as a year,but years,but decades ....A wonderful masterpiece ,with indescribable scene ,The Greatest Dildo on Earth was lying there.after it was hidden by the ancient leader,Bartman VI,it was found again by his grand grand grand son .,unfortunately,there was a black magic spell written on the dildo to change the human who touch it into a clouds-resident ,and like what happened to his grandfather,he was changed to an angel,a cute one.....the legend says that the spell will be broken out if the angel-child got a humble bundle copy,and he will return again as a child,but will he return as a fat or thin child?[normal][normal]
#7 - anon
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(08/27/2013) [-]
Episode 2 :
and alot of sometimes with tears,tears and tears will he pass his difficult mission ? god knows,but wait he did it,yes he did,he passed it,he succeeded and of course mum kissed him and asked him to come with her,she opened a secret door in their small lovely wooden house ,sudddenly,suddenly,and more suddenly she started walking on some stairs,she gave help to her child and they walked,walked,walked,walked,walked,walked until they reached a cloud, a white glowing one ,looking like a bowl of buttermilk or white cheese ....there,a strange light was,at first neither mum or child could open their eyes,as time passed they started openning their eyes,half-opened,fully opened and now looking at a great-looking-golden box dicorated by dozens of diamonds from every location on the earth and maybe further.They started walking until they reached the box ,carefully,they opened it and looked inside for a moment..................To be Continued !!!
#6 - anon
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(08/27/2013) [-]
Hey,well this my legendary story : Episode 1 :
Once upon time there was a beautiful child ,with blue eyes,blond hair,small nose aged 12 years old with extreme-fat-body ,one day,a sunny ,warm,lovely day his mum promised him if he made a diet and lost weight ( alot,alot alot of kilograms) she will take him to a marvellous journey which he wont forget,Days passed,sometimes passed with hunger ,some with sorrow .............To be continued
note : more episodes coming soon
#5 - hoshinite
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(08/17/2013) [-]
I want it because i not yet buy bundle before this bundle.
I am new and an students so still hardly saving for bundle
#3 - astraea
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(08/16/2013) [-]
I want it because i bought it twice but i just wanna hoard codes
#2 - profesionalrussian
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(08/16/2013) [-]
I want it because i swear i am part jewish and would never part with my cash.
#1 - brolythesaint
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