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"Men are raised to hate women" (desc.)


A twitter account i follow brought this up when Quinn Norton made the statement "The social problem is men are raised to hate women." which needed context not only because of the broad sweeping statement but because it was edited into the show where it didn't fit.

However, when GS (Godless Spellchecker), tweeted her asking for clarification (politely as ever i might add), he was met with confusing statements like "Did you read the whole piece?" and a redirection to someone else with a reference to zombies. The zombie analogy essentially came down to "she didn't say all men.". After requesting more light to be shed on her statement, he was labelled a troll and told to try again next week. If you know GS, you know he is always polite and honest, and would never troll.

Link to Norton's twitter (for confirmation only): twitter.com/quinnnorton

Link to whole story: You need to login to view this link

I'll post the highlights of GS' morning in the comments because they're always hilarious.

Views: 1540 Submitted: 08/06/2013