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San Diego Comic Con - Cosplay Music Vide


San Diego Comic Con - The biggest and best show for everything Comic, Film & Video related took place in July 2013. With some amazing cosplayers attending as part of The Nerdist we couldn't resist bringing a little of our UK style of video to the show and film some of the best cosplayers we found.

A huge thank you to everyone who took part & helped us out this weekend. If you didn't make the cut don't worry there will be a 2nd video coming out for YouTube's Geek Week so subscribe for more!

Also a massive thank you to everyone who came to see us on the Nerdist Panel.

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Song used under permission from Down With Webster. "One In A Million"

"One In A Million" Official Video
www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkgiG28Cniw (Make sure you subscribe!)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/downwithwebster
Twitter: www.twitter.com/downwithwebster
YouTube: www.youtube.com/downwithwebster
Filmed on a Canon 7D, with a FlyCam 5000 (Thanks to You need to login to view this link ) Edited with Avid Media Composer, VFX with Adobe After Effects.
Thanks to Legacy FX, Stan Winston School & Wired Magazine for allowing us to film their awesome robot!

Shout out to the team at Nerd HQ too.

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These costumes are amazing.