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The Crow (Dubstep)


I know, I know. This is funnyjunk and you would all rather see someone falling on their ass or flash their tits at you instead of watching some grubby teenager's dubstep song. I get it. But could you please just hear it out before you comment saying rude things? I just want an honest opinion so that I can get a little better at the music I make. If you're watching this and you know something about electronic music production or even better, Dubstep, then please comment saying what I did right so I can keep doing it and what I did wrong so I can fix it. Please and thank you for reading this before commenting.

This song contains vocal samples from a movie called The Crow. I do not in any way own that movie and I am not making any money off of this song, so. Hopefully I don't get sued. Enjoy.

Tags: dubstep
Views: 1289 Submitted: 07/21/2013