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Seattle Police Officer Caught Urinating

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A Seattle police officer was caught on camera urinating in public in Pioneer Square, and the video has social media buzzing and local business owners fuming.

The surveillance video that shows the officer with his pants down is getting a lot of attention, which has forced the Seattle Police Department to launch and internal review.

Business owners in Pioneer Square have long complained about people using their alleys and storefronts as public bathrooms, and many are outraged that this time the culprit was a police officer.

Watching the video, which has was posted on Youtube, it appears the uniformed officer is conducting a typical security check.

A patrol car pulls up to the back of the business and a man in an officer's uniform gets out of the car and walks over to a dumpster situated directly below the camera.

The officer then appears to begin urinating on the wall. After he catches sight of the camera, the man mouths something and returns to his car.

The video isn't sitting well those who work in the area, such as Liz Warren, who manages Klondike Penny's Old Time Photography.

"I didn't know he was actually pulled up in his cop car. Holy (expletive)," Warren said. "Its a terrible thing for a police officer who's supposed to be getting people in trouble for this kind of thing, and then they're going and doing it."

Warren says the city isn't doing enough to stop public urination in Pioneer Square. A Portland Loo is due to be installed this fall, but not everyone thinks it will solve the problem.

Seattle police officials say they learned about the video Wednesday morning. The incident is now being investigated by the Office of Professional Accountability.

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