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90-Year-Old Granny Skydives In Denmark


Most 90-year-olds try to avoid big falls but one grandmother has had a rather big one - from 13,000 feet in fact.

Else Bak and her 80-year-old husband Asger, from Denmark, went skydiving for the first time thanks to a gift from their son.

"The experience was even greater than I expected. Wonderful," Mrs Bak said after the jump. "Absolutely lovely."

Mr Bak was also thrilled with the experience: "Lovely," he agreed, as he hugged his ecstatic wife.

Mrs Bak was so happy she wanted to jump again.

"Can't we do it one more time?" she said.

But the couple, who have been together for 55 years, now plan to keep their feet on the ground with a trip to Greenland.

Views: 686 Submitted: 07/18/2013