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Luis Suarez


Genuinely makes me smile to see that the media can't make every aspect of Luis Suarez look terrible, even if i'm not a Liverpool fan, he deserves some respect

Seen on LADbible, decided to share with you

TRANSLATION (via edflinkinp):
MAN: In Abitab, we were looking for a contemporary figure, a figure that represents us across the whole country. And because of that, we hired Luis Suarez.
MAN: "Luisito" is a great worker, he's a little competitive.
WOMAN: Of course, there are some attitudes that...he needs to polish abit.
SUAREZ: There's no coffee again people!! AGAIN!!
MAN: The thing with him is, sometimes it's difficult to work with him.
WORKER: "Luisito! I brought you some paperwork!"
WOMAN: But he's a very versatile person who can adapt to every position.
WOMAN: What's important is that he has the charm with the people
PEOPLE: I love you!
MAN: We're really happy to have him in the Abitab family.
Abitab. 20 years making life easier.

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