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If your, or a loved ones, vagina has been injured in an accident call.....


Written By Smalakis and Dunbar

Chrys Anthem - Smalakis
Nate Hurd - Dunbar
Jennifer Marshall - Debbie M.
Timothy A. Bennett - Dame Rutherford P. Huggy-Pants III
Maurice Webster - Waylon. G
Alina Zilbershmidt - Megan C.
Directed By Schlomo Smalakis for Gizmo Money
Produced by Marc Brown, Dallas Raines, Schlomo Smalakis and the Rest of the Eyewitness News Team.
Director of Photography: A day laborer from Home Depot named Arturro.... or Churro... or something like that.
1st AC: Ryan Smalakis
Sound Mixer: Guy who I got off of Craigslist who deserves no credit because he shot up Heroin in my bathroom, "accidentally stole my house keys" and is now calling me in the middle of the night to ask to borrow money.
Costumes By "The Legendary" Tayna Lee Perkins and the Montecito Costume Company
Lighting Furnished By Crazy Gideons!
Gaffer: Johnathan Pressman Stavros
Production Coordinator: Rex Calhoun
Production Manager: Ken Southerbury
Production Assistant: Ben Torres
Set Assistant: Diane Kawolski
Edited by some 8 year old kid named "Ben" who I found off of You need to login to view this link
Color Correction by "Ben's friend Kyle" who was also on You need to login to view this link
Music Supervision by Jonathan Taylor Thomas.... But not "THE" Jonathan Taylor Thomas.
Set Design by the letter "J" for Jack Daniels
Props Courtesy of a raided homeless encampment in an abandoned field on Vanowen by the park.
Graphics by Sanchez Brothers VFX, VFX Hecho En Mexico (Van Nuys)
Special Thanks to the inspirational songs of Torie Amos and the ghost of Wallace Berry.
Wardrobe Provided By: Van Nuys Angels of the Night Men's Shelter
Catering Provided By: Subway~ Eat Fresh!
Accommodations Provided By: Van Nuys Angels of the Night Men's Shelter
Necessary Vaccines Provided By: My Veterinarian Dr. David J. Littleton (No Affiliation)

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Business Inquires/HateMail: GizmoMoney@ You need to login to view this link
Vagina Consultation Requests: RyanSmalakis@ You need to login to view this link

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Submitted: 07/10/2013
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