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Russian Rocket Crash

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As a result of the explosion and the fall of the carrier rocket "Proton-M" at the cosmodrome "Baikonur" No one was injured, reports "Interfax" referring to a source in the space industry.

He said the rocket landed in a vacant lot near the launch site. All those skilled in this moment are in the hopper. In this case, at the Baikonur continues fire.

According to the source, burn about 170 tons of rocket fuel heptyl, which is poisonous. In this regard, the emergency services in Kazakhstan are considering evacuating residents of nearby communities. Now rescuers assess the situation, including the direction of the wind. The television broadcast a warning that the toxic cloud is moving in the direction of the city of Baikonur and towns Akai and Tura-Tam. Residents recommended tightly shut doors and windows and not use air conditioning.

Total land could develop into more than 500 tons of rocket fuel. Its components include amyl addition heptyl, who is also poisonous. In this regard, on the site of the missile will have to spend a large amount of decontamination works, said the official. In turn, RIA Novosti reports that in connection with this rocket launches from the Baikonur stop for two or three months.

According to a source , "Interfax" at the launch site, the most likely cause of the fall was the refusal steering motor as the main engines of the first stage of the rocket worked until its fall. The source did not rule out that automation, fixing the problem, did not cut them, to divert the missile from the launch pad. In this case, the sides RIA Novosti speculate that the incident could be a control system failure.

The exact cause of the accident will set the commission created by the Russian Space Agency. The damage from the loss of the rocket with three satellites sources estimate at $ 200 million.

The accident occurred on the night of July 2. Rocket "Proton-M" for about ten seconds after the start of changed the direction of flight, caught fire and collapsed in the spaceport. The rocket was supposed to launch a three navigation satellites "Glonass-M". In 2010, an attempt to put into orbit satellites are already frustrated. Then the rocket "Proton-M" has fallen into the Pacific Ocean. Later it turned out that it poured a half ton of extra oxidant.

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