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Richie Aldente - Drop Top Music Video


"Droptop" from Richie Aldente's upcoming album "Reverse Psychology".

Produced by: Ben Harris, Paul Maupoux, and Richie Aldente
Directed and edited by: Paul Maupoux
Make-up: Kate Shepherd
Written by: Ben Harris and Paul Maupoux
Director of Photography: Julia Bruk
Assistant Director: Ben Harris

Starring: Colin Byrne, Lauren Olson, Jesse Parce, Ben Jammin, and Richie Aldente (Tim kennedy, Ian Sheridan, Claudio Rochat-Felix, Jimmie Herrod, Geoff Sheridan, Dan Rainard)

Special Thanks: Henry and Oscar's Restaurant, Nectar Lounge, Malcolm Harris, Northwest Film Forum, Victory Studios, Keith Rivers, Aurora Rents, Andrew Franks, Rogelio Salinas, Sydney Andrews

Protest Bands: Haiku Chi, Braxmatics, f2d (Funky to Death), Purr Gato, Dave Kosin, Polyryhthmics, Feverton, Katy Bourne, Car Trouble

Views: 543 Submitted: 06/14/2013
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