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INSANE!!! Heavy Construction Crane Falls


Today, 26 May, a heavy construction crane collapsed on a residential house in the nine-Kirov on Lenin Street 188/4, destroying the balcony from the first to the fifth floor and smashed cars parked outside.
According to the residents of the house, falling crane was likely due to strong wind.
- We were in the kitchen and heard a loud rattle. Later in the window saw a nearby construction crane bent down and began to fall directly on us, on the balcony, - a resident of the fifth floor of the affected homes. - We ran to hide in the hallway. In arrow fell at the beginning of the ninth-floor balcony, and then for two or three minutes promyala our balcony, and all balconies on the first floor of the house before.

Views: 1987 Submitted: 05/27/2013