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Justin Bieber Attacked In Dubai


This is just crazy — while Justin Bieber was performing in Dubai on May 5 a fan somehow got on stage and grabbed him. It was an intense moment as the Biebs and his security team tried to deal with the surprising attack.

Justin Bieber Attacked On Stage In Dubai

Justin's guards ran to his aide and swarmed the attacker, a young male wearing a white t-shirt and jeans, according to The National, an English-speaking newspaper in Dubai. After the fan threw down the grand piano on stage in an attempt to evade the security team, they were finally able to contain him. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the random attack.

Justin actually hardly missed a beat. Performing his set closer, "Believe" when the fan grabbed him, Justin slipped away to the side of the stage and actually kept singing as if nothing had happened. His eight-piece band followed along, and Justin successfully finished the concert. After a three-minute break Justin took the stage again for a two-song encore of "Boyfriend" and "Baby."

This attack is seriously frightening — who knows what the attacker could have done to Justin — but we're extremely impressed with Justin's bravery and fortitude. He proved that he's a strong leader by getting his band to follow his example and ignore the stage-rusher.

And he did it all for the fans — Justin willed himself to get past the obstacle and make sure everyone in the Dubai audience got their money's worth.

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we care so much about Bieber's well being

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