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FUNNY PRANK On NC Junior QB Bryn Renner


The college football season can be stressful, especially for a team like North Carolina, which had no 2012 postseason bowl berth waiting for it thanks to NCAA sanctions.

So first-year coach Larry Fedora had to do his best to keep his team in good spirits, even if it came at the expense of his quarterback Bryn Renner.

North Carolina football released a video this week of the Tar Heels playing a prank on Renner during a practice last fall and he wasn't exactly excited about it.

Renner took the snap and before he could do anything with the ball, all of his teammates fell to the ground and pretended to play dead.

Yeah, we didn't get it either.

But at the end of the video North Carolina explains the inspiration for the prank, which we feel like must me some sort of inside joke with the team.

Regardless, Renner seemed confused for a second and then slammed the ball into the turf and ran downfield, taking his helmet off. He clearly wasn't happy about the prank and refused high-fives as he returned back to the huddle.

Views: 1414 Submitted: 04/25/2013