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When cows attack

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(NOT MINE! Just sharing because it made me giggle)

There I was, alone in the woods. This cow is staring right at me. Right into my soul. But this ain't no ordinary cow, no. This is an alien cow. Yeah I'd been tracking it for a while. Watching him. During the day it pretended to be a simple cow..just stood there, chewing hay. Chewing hay like a normal cow. But I knew what was going on. It was plotting. Plotting the invasion. At first it wasn't aware I had discovered the secret. But I knew everything....but then that cow mooed, he said MMMMOOOO, still not taking those cold, butt probing alien eyes from mine. I stood my ground. I said, "no probes going in my butt today, no sir, no sir". Yeeeah I knew about them probes. Then that cow said, he said, "Imma probe you". I said to that cow, "No you isn't" and I ran. He took off after but I was too fast. I broke outta those trees and into the light, beating feet like it was my job. The cow close behind. Then I passed a horse....statue? I ran right into a dead end. I turned around. The alien cow was already standing there. But then I said to the cow, "How about we put this on youtube"? The cow said, "Alright". End of story.

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User avatar #2 - ruuna
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(03/10/2013) [-]
omfg..... this was way funnier then it should be!
User avatar #1 - scilla
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(03/10/2013) [-]
that description