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On the bright side of puppy slaughter...


Rapid Fire Theatre Online Video 2013 Competition Submission

VIDEO TITLE: "Look On The Bright Side"

COMPANY TITLE: A Few Decent Boys

CREDITS: A collaboration on all fronts by Justin Cordua and Richard Dotson.

COMPANY BIO: A Few Decent Boys (AFDB for short) is the brainchild of three high school seniors who decided they didn't want to be each others' "friends from back in high school." Since they agreed that phone calls were the Devil's form of communication, they instead elected to each make a video about their college life once a week, every week to keep in touch. The group has since evolved into a unique hybrid of daily vlogs and occasional sketches.

Views: 1809 Submitted: 03/08/2013
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Being that THE WINNER IS DETERMINED BY POPULARITY, when the video is posted at MIDNIGHT ON MARCH 4th, here's what we need you to do to help:

VIEW IT! - The amount of views account for 50% of our total score, so watch it a few times!
LIKE IT! - Likes account for 20% of our total score. It's just a matter of pressing one button! Even if you don't actually like it, it would help immensely!
COMMENT ON IT! - 20% is determined by the amount of comments. If you have a youtube account, drop a quick comment giving your thoughts!
FAVORITE IT! - Favorites count for 10%, so this one is important too. Again, it's just a matter of pressing one button!
SHARE IT! The more you share it, the more people will see it, and therefore, the higher the chances of us winning! All you have to do is press one button!!!

- A Few Decent Boys