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Drill Sergeant makes hippie push


Drill Sergeant Catches IDIOT in the act of parking illegally in a Handicapped Spot (GRAPHIC)

I got permission from the "Drill Sgt." to reuse this video if your interested in helping catching IDIOT's parking illegaly in a Handicap spots You need to login to view this link was launched as a community service effort to end the misuse of handicapped parking spaces and placards. The disabled have run out of places to park, as their designated
handicapped parking spaces are being taken by
fraudulent individuals. Our cities are being
robbed of serious metered parking revenue to to
this abuse as well. The police are far too valuable
and busy to stake out parking lots to ticket handicapped
parking violators. The abusers go largely unpunished.
It's time for our community to become the ambassadors
for our cities, and report handicapped parking
violators when they see it.

Remember that we can not know somebody's personal situation.
Many handicapped people are hassled over their lack of a
visual disability by well meaning citizens. Posting your
handicapped parking violator report will allow the DMV to
do their job, and keep you out of a personal confrontation.
We have received hundreds of emails from handicapped individuals
applauding this effort, and want to continue to serve them and
our communities in a peaceful and positive way

The HandicappedFraud iPhone application is the fastest
and easiest way to report placard and handicapped
parking abuse.

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The Sgt nor I have any affiliation to You need to login to view this link



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