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Cant Corner the Dorner!


4chan can make better games in 10 hours than EA can make in a year.
Windows only

PS: Yes, you can win this game. The boss is hard, takes around 100 shots to kill, but you can if you have a good enough strategy.

Mouse Shoot

Kill the racist cops to get ammo and find KFC
KFC heals you up to 200%

The song at the title is Pump It by Black Eye Peas, which is a ****** cover that totally destroyed Miserlou and I just added it for the sake of enhancing the bad taste of the joke
The main game song is ***** ***** ***** by Gangsta Rap
The Boss song is Terminator 2 Theme

The SWAT team didn't want the news chopper to come too close, because it would reveal their Terminator robot mech.

Def not OC and dunno if repost

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this was posted the day the game was released.