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Mass Defect


So finally, after the amount of about 5 months, I finally present my latest video Mass Defect. Mass Defect follows the life of Commander John Shepard, who crashes onto a ship and proclaims it his, building a bigger ship of his own. So repercussions must follow, since Karma's such a bitch, so now Shepard has to deal with an entire week full of random ******* crazy events that happen to him and his trusty crew. Features too many video game references as well as some slightly impressive visuals. So, enjoy, as I'll need a long ass break after this crap.

- Started filming in......April I think. Maybe March. Just finished today.
- Like again, quality is ****, but hey, it's my longest video ever. Cut me some slack, fatty.
- I *********** half the credits, meaning all the resources and jazz. Figured that there's too many to list, and after 5 months of trial and error don't you think that I'd just want to finish it and get it over with?
- All those awesome Flash animations were done by yours truly in Macromedia Flash 8. I used a tablet and some talent.
- This took a while. All thanks to Vegas. Thank you Sony for making such an unstable program.
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Funny thing is about this story, is that it has the exact same title of this video and it was made 2 years ago. And I don't even read fanfiction.

Views: 434 Submitted: 02/15/2013