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Concertina Ho!

I'd love to hear cover versions of, Concertina Ho, so I'm posting the chords and lyrics. If you make one, please post it as a video response to my video!!!

Concertina Ho!

By Dave Lasher (Go Cat Dave)

If I had a concertina everyone would cheer!
The banks would give out money and the pubs would give out beer!
No work or school or taxes for the balance of the year, and
No one would have to live in fear!

Concertina Hey! Concertina Ho! Concertina squeezin' with the lights down low...
Concertina Hey! Concertina Ho! If I had one I would put on such a show!

If I had a concertina, I'd look very smart!
The sun would shine upon me and the oceans would all part! There'd be...
Bunnies, milk and honey, and a Renaissance of Art! And the...
Dogs of the world would never fart!


The Tyrants would all tumble and Atlantis would rise.
And things you've lost would just appear before your very eyes!
Faeries would grant wishes and no one would criticize,
And the best shoes would always be your size! (Hey!)


You probably think I'm kidding but I want one really bad!
I know it's not "The Grail" and I am not Sir Galahad.
But aid me in my quest and I'll be such a happy lad!
And we'll all go concertina mad!!! (Hey!)


A Gbm E D

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Submitted: 02/09/2013
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