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Flaw in citizen security (Desc.)


tl;dr Cops are useless and abuse their authority.

A man got in an altercation with three individuals, with one knocking him with a single punch and profiting from the stunned victim to try to empty his pockets. Thankfully, a citizen was able to run after them and get the victim's belongings back. STM (Public transport company) employees called for users to stop this by having more inspectors and monitoring of visuals to limit such acts.

Hear me out, this may seem like a boring rant to you guys but I honestly think there is a serious flaw in the police force, not just in montreal but every where else. Of course no system is perfect, but they can improve a lot. If the police weren't busy giving a bunch of ******* parking tickets this incident could have been prevented, because giving a bunch of parking tickets > citizens safety right?

Views: 562 Submitted: 02/07/2013
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