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My friend made this Tilt-Shift movie!


My friend made this, and I like it. Please like it too!
"My first proper attempt at a (very) short film using the tilt-shift video effect.
Apologies for the camera wobble! I'm investing in a tripod.
Hope you enjoy, and if you want to see more of this kind of stuff, subscribe!

Most of the clips are filmed at 18fps (14fps for scenes with cars/trains), at around 300% speed. High colour saturation, sharpening and camera lens blur effects were applied with masking using After Effects.

Improvements for future attempts:
-Stabilized Camera (tripod)
-Better locations for filming (preferably with bird eye views of subject)
-longer films for more powerful time-lapses, including faster speeds (600% maybe?) of more populated areas, scenes with more movement.
-adjusted and more advanced blurring techniques using AfterEffects, and better colour enhancement.

Music is:
'Hero' by Julius
Obtained from You need to login to view this link .
This music is under the Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.5 Generic, therefore I am permitted to copy, adapt, distribute and transmit the works either commercially or non-commercially."

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