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The Letter A


This week's "Meanwhile..." sketch is brought to you by the letter A. A is for Alcohol...among other things.

"Meanwhile..." releases a new sketch every Wednesday at 12PM PST

an APAC Pictures Production
Director: Jesse C. Boyd
Writers: Brent Falco
Producers: Cole Smith, Bob Salatich
Cast: Brent Falco, Chase Petersen (VO)
DP: Bob Salatich
Asst. Camera: Matt Bealo
Set Design: Viola Sator
Prop Master: Scott Leverett
Editor: Bob Salatich
Associate Producers: Jesse C. Boyd, Evan Gamble
Assistant Director: Racquel Fouche
Sound: Gerald Doherty
Stop Motion: Jenn Magrann, Izzy Roos, Emily Flemming
Music Composer: Ryan Rapsys
Intro Graphics: Steve Jacobson
Intro VO: Cedric Yarbrough
Special Thanks: Ithaca College, Bob's sweet little nephew's voice, Red Vines
© 2013 APAC Pictures

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