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#1 - moggz
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(01/20/2013) [-]
The whole concept of nice guys finish last is there because of a few large reasons. One is the girls who get mentally manipulated and become part of a co dependent relationship. Guys see it and can't really understand why the girls just don't up and leave. they don't understand the psychology behind it.
The second and perhaps most common. Is girls confide in "guy friends" about all the stupid annoying stuff boyfriends do. All guys hear about is how horrible the guys treat them and how stupid they can be. The boyfriend actually isn't a bad guy, its just the girl venting, and over exaggerating a bit.
Another large reason is girl is friends with two guys. we can say mark and tom. Mark really likes the girl. mark and tom are good friends. so they are complete assholes to each other. mark knows tom as a bit of a womanizer different g/f's ever month kind of situation. and the girl ends up with tom. the girl doesn't really know of his reputation as well as mark but all mark see's is the girl picking the more douchey of the two.
Lastly. THEY ARE NOT REALLY NICE GUYS! they are pussies. they are pussy whipped by the girl before they are really even in a relationship. they don't challenge the girl. they are boring and pathetic and sadly already co dependent in the relationship that hasn't even started yet.
so yea. that's that. there is probably a few reasons and maybe even a few exceptions to the rules that i missed. but i think that covers a MASSIVE chunk of wtf is up with the whole "nice guys finish last"
User avatar #2 to #1 - kittycarnivore [OP]
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(01/20/2013) [-]
There are many videos over that, as well