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The data is not a fair comparison. The video has the links.

The FBI adds together murders, rapes, robberies and something called "aggravated assault" which is intentional physical serious harm to the body involving a broken bone or a wound that goes right thru the skin. A graze or a cut lip or a bloody nose is not violent enough, and psychological threats are not there either because they are in a different category. The American rate of murders and rape is higher than the UK and the robberies are about the same. Bur look closer as the ASSAULTS. They counted 762,515 UK violent assaults, but the real comparison should use the sum of UK homicides, robberies, rapes and what the British call "Grievous Bodily Harm with intent" which is the same as America's Aggravated Assault. Do that and the UK rate of violent crime is revealed as being 3 and half times LESS than America's .

I wonder what the US rate would be if they added the crime that appears in the UK stats of carrying a gun or a knife? Calling someone a n****r would get you arrested for assault in England. In America holding a gun or spewing hatred or distributing porn is your constitutional right.

Makes you wanna throw up!

The UK data they used has one entry for that called "Grievous Bodily Harm with intent" and it is only a tiny fraction of the violence