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Audi Quattro Plows Through Snow

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Some might not understand, where's the point in having the added weight and friction of transfer box, drive shaft or Quattro style transmission, when two wheel drive is enough for all but the very wetest and mudiest of days.

Those who live in a climate where lots of snowfall is common every winter will know that there is nothing like four wheel drive when you end up in one of those rural areas where snow is less frequently plowed and roads are fully covered with snow and salt mix.

This video illustrates the point in very spectacular fashion - what you see here is an Audi Quattro driver essentially building he's own lane in the very deep snow on the right side of the highway, while all the other "less gifted" two wheel drive driver have no option but to wait for the road to clear ahead.

After seeing something like this, the very annoying fanboy phrase "Quattro Power" seems nothing but perfectly appropriate.

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