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Gaming Ain't No Game

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The gaming world can be a dangerous place. It's not always clear who or where the enemy is.

This is a cautionary tale: a story of struggling to survive in a world within a world. One where a wrong move can mean total universal destruction and another where someone has to do the dishes.

It is a story of vigilance and duty, triumph and bitter destruction, loyalty and the horror of absolute betrayal.

This is a story of one tenacious warrior and his faithful comrade-at-arms.

This is the story of BigBalls713.

Music written and performed by Andrew Volpe, 2012
Directed by Scott Culver
Visual effects and compositing by Brian Arndt and Brandon Sachs
3D modeling and animation by Bill Campbell
Additional 3D modeling by Brandon Sachs

Sponsored by Red 5 Studios and Firefall.

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Views: 2239 Submitted: 12/06/2012
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