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Sexting Secrets


Sam entrusts his co-worker, Daley, with an intimate secret.

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an APAC Pictures Production
Director: Cole Smith
Writers: Ben Wells, Evan Gamble
Producers: Cole Smith, Bob Salatich
Cast: Ben Wells, Evan Gamble, Meryl Helman, Jesse C. Boyd, Leslie Watkins, Stacey L. Johnson, Matt Portman, Bella Zingale
Director of Photography: Bob Salatich
Production Designer: Cole Smith
Editors: Evan Gamble, Ben Wells
Associate Producers: Jesse C. Boyd, Evan Gamble
First Assistant Director: Kiersten Swete
PA: Rose Hurley-Weitz
Sound: John Rieman, Najj Navo
Intro Graphics: Steve Jacobson
Intro Music: Ryan Rapsys
Intro VO: Cedric Yarbrough
Special Thanks: Ithaca College, Jose Jaime, Steven Dunn, Kiersten's roommates, Toni Spera, Super Steve Flores, Spencer Ralston
© 2012 APAC Pictures

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