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LOTR From a different perspective

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Have you ever wondered what the Ringwraiths were up to during the rest of the Fellowship of the Ring?...

Despite being known as the second most terrifying creatures on Middle Earth - hardly anything is known about the Ringwraiths from Lord of the Rings... until now.

Join Johnny, Steve, Margaret, Rob and Dave as they deliberate how best to capture the one ring...

Directed by The Clarkson Twins
Written and Produced by The Clarkson Twins and Gemma Hurley

Director of Photography - Harpall Kaura

Harry Dyer as Steve
Greer Vincent as Margaret
Rene Vest as Johnny
Sam Edge as Dave
Jenny Sangster as Rob

Sam Bern as the voice of Dave
James Rose as the voice of Rob

Edited by Jen Sheridan

Post Production Services and Grading - Ben Wiles
Effects and titles by Vanquish VX - Benjamin and Angelique Shelley
Music composed by Cato Hoeben
Sound by Simon Diggins
Key Grip - Richard Unger
Grip - Daniel Lam
Costume - Christina Fisk, Paula Smyth, Kay Morland

Special thanks to Goldcrest and Kate Madison Robinson

A Box Step Films Production

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...i've endangered the mission, i shouldn't have come...>.> i smell a star wars reference...