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Right in the Nostalgia


This is a fan-made parody trailer. The Magic School Bus™ is a trademark under the rights of Scholastic. Moving Mind Studio and this video have no affiliation to Scholastic or The Magic School Bus™

This is going to be one hell of a field trip.

Moving Mind Studio is Sam Brisson, Ryan George, and Brandon Calder
MMS on Facebook: facebook.com/MovingMindStudio
MMS on Twitter: twitter.com/MovingMind

Sam Brisson as Ralphie
Brandon Calder as Tim
Ryan George as Arnold
Suzie King as D.A.
Judy Wong as Wanda
Ricardo Perozo as Carlos
Valentina Cean as Phoebe
Alida Ingabire as Keesha

Sophie Genin-Charette, Kevin Gill Wilson, Rene Brisson, Jay Brisson, Debbie Owens, Bianca Brunetti, Oreste Giro

Animal Trainer:
Pat Fallon from Pats Pet Show
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2D Effects and Compositing
Jesse Meyer & Sam Brisson

Musical Production:
Jay Brisson
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Jason Daniel

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bitch said ra-search wrong
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someone please make this real </3