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Norwegian comedian interviewing kesha

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Media student Ove Hoff interviews Ke$ha about being a pop superstar.

Ove is a character played by Norwegian comedian Espen Eckbo. The clip is taken from the 2012 hit TV show «Asbjørn Brekke-show», a late night talkshow hosted by another Eckbo-character.

Kesha did not know that this was a joke.

Asbjørn Brekke-show airs on TVNorge Mondays at 22h.

TVNorge © 2012

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User avatar #2 - snafus
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(11/10/2012) [-]
How is she still alive/ not in jail/ mental institution?
"Somebody sent me their tooth, which I now wear as an earring. It’s a molar, I think. I love it when people send me body parts" Kesha.
#1 - helloitsmestew
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(11/10/2012) [-]
Oh Already booked stateroom dina, oh