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Dreams coming true

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Amazing Gala Beat for Been Dreamin'~ Created by TheLivingTombstone:

One day. It's been One day since I released Beyond Her Tomb. I'm... Blown away by you guys. I'm inspired by you. Every comment I get, I take to heart. Every piece of criticism I weigh and use to make my next piece better. Every sub, favorite, profile comment, friend request.... You have no idea what that means to me. The fact that you like what I do, let alone PRAISE me for it, just... It honestly makes me wanna cry. I'm touched, flattered, and driven by all of you. I don't have a lot of reasons to smile nowadays. Between being broke, hungry and just an emotional wreck, I find it hard to keep forcing a smile on day after day. But when you guys just came out of nowhere and reacted so... Positively to Beyond her tomb... I was blown away to the point that I broke down for the first time in years.

So to all my friends out there (Because you are not my fans. You are my friends), this is My message to you:

Don't strive to be the greatest. Don't strive to be well known. Strive to be you, nothing more. When the world knocks you back, know you have people backing your sails. Stand back up and keep pushing on. Sometimes life will throw everything it has at you. You'll lose everything: Security, home, food, friends... But through those hardships you become stronger. You strive to move forward through life, and when you hit the bottom, you realize the one lesson I learned: It's not about being the best or being known by everyone. It's about finding contentment in simplicity. It's about finding contentment in yourself. So go out and be you for the sake of being you. **** the haters who tell you to wear a mask. **** the people who say you can't do what you strive to do. Push forward and give people a reason to turn their heads and point. Be who you are and Flutter By~

Thank you to Nunachan on DA for the amazing picture:
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Download: www.mediafire.com/?j1nbustebtf183i

Lyrics: docs.google.com/document/d/1yJUrVPZZvYsVd2Nzl2TfCJNJpvF8kcdm7k47b3GWcbo/edit?hl=en_US

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