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no homo

so funny and my freinds say this all the time its just like no affence<br />
Lyrics:<br />
So I'm at the park with my main man Mark<br />
Playing one-on-one, man that **** was fun, but<br />
Maybe my D got a little too tight, cuz I touched his ass<br />
And that aint right<br />
He dropped the ball, looked at me and said, &quot;Whoa Bro!&quot;<br />
It's all good man, I called 'No Homo'<br />
Drivin' my little brother Scott to school<br />
I pick up all his friends in the carpool<br />
Bumpin' my system, life is made<br />
I got the iPod on Top 50 Played<br />
Jessica Simpson, uh! my jam of the week<br />
But the kids don't like it; now I look like a freak<br />
Don't they know she's datin' Tony Romo?<br />
Guess not, better call 'No Homo'<br />
He's got no concerns ever since he learned 'No Homo'<br />
Now when he does something gay, all he has to say is 'No Homo'<br />
All the kids were mean cuz I read Seventeen and liked JoJo<br />
But now he has better days all thanks to the phrase 'No Homo'<br />
Hangin' around with the boys<br />
Just wrestling, makin' lots of noise<br />
I got pinned down by my lower section <br />
Then for some strange reason I got an erection<br />
Everyone stopped and they backed away<br />
They were looking at me like I was gay!<br />
I tried to explain but my thoughts were in slow-mo<br />
So instead, I called, 'No Homo'<br />
Just got back from a stressful day<br />
I shut the blinds, now it's time to play<br />
No one's around, got an empty dorm, so<br />
What else to do but watch gay porn?<br />
Grab my jizz cloth, and my lotion<br />
Start it off with a gentle motion<br />
Roommate busts in and he's like, &quot;Oh No!&quot;<br />
&quot;Y'all know what I said: 'No Homo!'&quot;<br />
If you're stuck in a jam and don't feel like a man, say 'No Homo'<br />
If you happen to slip and say words with a lisp, 'No Homo'<br />
Yeah around the block people talk cuz you rock a pink polo<br />
They don't know why you fake tan, but they should understand 'No Homo'

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#1 - anonymous (07/24/2010) [-]
****** hilarious dude.
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