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(11/09/2012) [-]
Why the **** does people thumb this? First of all it's just another youtube video, most people know of Tobuscus and if they for some ****** up reason likes watching an never mental aging guy that tells the old jokes again and again and only become more **** for everyday and video he makes... Secondly why the **** is it funny? You probably got that I'm not a fan of Tubuscus but even if a youtuber that I actually like made stuff like this I wouldn't watch it because he just says what happens (I know thats the reson for the LITERAL videos) and why do you care? He basiacly takes good trailers and songs and turn them to ****. But hats not the worst part his stereotypical fans are almost as bad as PewDiePie's stereotypical fans, dosn't matter what he makes he did so and that's why it's "funny"

PS: only reason I'm postinng this as anonymous is that I don't really care for the thumbs I get up if people agree and there will be **********, and not as a joke I know there are a lot of kids here that loves Tobuscus, and once again WHY?