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High Quality Mortal Kombat Masks: www.facebook.com/DarbDesignz
Mp3: hotfile.com/dl/177801074/b9f1be2/Halloween_Medley_2012_-_Artificial_Fear_ft._NitroTwinkie.mp3.html
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ArtificialFearOFFICIAL
NitroTwinkie's Channel: youtube.com/nitrotwinkie
Website: You need to login to view this link
Twitter: twitter.com/ArtificialFear
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/artificial-fear
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Songs used in Medley:

28 Days Later Theme: 0:05
BeetleJuice Theme: 1:47
Sally's Song (The Nightmare Before Christmas) 2:51
Blood Theme (Dexter): 3:55
Saw Theme: 5:13
Candyman Theme: 6:23
Paranormal Activity: 7:05

Guitars: B.C. Rich Warlock (Bronze Series), Ibanez RGD320, Ibanez RG7321
Acoustic Guitar: Walden Acoustic/Electric, Ibanez Acoustic
Bass Guitar: Ibanez Soundgear
Drums: 1. Toontrack EzDrummer (DrumKitFromHell Expansion), Cinesamples Drums of War
Microphone: Audio Technica AT2020
Guitar Software: Guitar Rig 4, EZMix 2
Guitar Hardware: Digitech RP355
Audio Software: Logic Pro 9
Video Software: iMovie '11
Video Camera: HD Flip

Views: 649 Submitted: 11/01/2012
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