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#1 - twittywitty
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(12/13/2012) [-]
thats just dnas immm family..U SHOULD SEE THE LIST THEY REALLY HAVE!! IT AMAZED NO # SON ALSO!! WOW~ CHASEMENOW PPL SHE USED~BRITS FRIENDS-ARTIST KNOWS AS ?POTATO HEAD (NOT MY NAME GIVEN) I THINK THATS RUDE) CAUSE U ALL HAVE BEEN AWFUK~ UR POST WILL CUM BACK TO HAUNT ALL!! DROP OFF A TOY EXCHANGE CARD WITH NOTE ON BACK FROM "DAVE" MMMMM REALLY ANOTHER "GUISE" CAN U SEE WHY IT HAS EXPANDED SO LARGELY..AS BILLS LEGAL SAID SO QUIETLY (ya they know bout this its fun to get u to (watch them) go for it~made for all the slips ~ wait watch`her planning & yes u are being poisend bee just lije mr bill steroids rage--third world man wont be cuming round soon~ mr bee so grateful chemist engineer?? mmmmmmm on the watch list fj huh?? ********** ME? NOPE~NOT MY FAMILY ************~MOVE BACK TO YOUR TRAILER OFF BROOKINGS/BURGET..YUP DONT GIVE A ****...GET OUT OFF MY FB-EMAILS-CANNOT WAIT FOR THE HANGING~ I WILL CUT THE NOOSE~ MERRY XMAS~ I BEGGED THEM TO HOLD OFF TO THE WIVES EMAILS..DONT KNOW~ U ALL THINK THIS IS A JOKE?