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User avatar #3 - crabberson (09/27/2012) [-]
"Worst Mom Ever" my ass. Dumb bitch runs up and starts yelling at her after she just sat there and watched. She should've said something, and it teaches the kid not to stand in the carts.
User avatar #13 - plainarcane **User deleted account** (09/28/2012) [-]
So she makes a dumb mistake and everyone jumps in and starts attacking her, claiming that she's a terrible mother? And these people are the good guys? What the **** people?
User avatar #12 - bakinboy (09/28/2012) [-]
even the other ******* do not approve of this one. thats really bad.
User avatar #11 - turtlefucker (09/28/2012) [-]
"I didn't mean to do THAT one..."

The other few, though... yeah.
User avatar #10 - ChronicTheHempHog (09/28/2012) [-]
typical ****** lady voice
User avatar #9 - darkcow (09/27/2012) [-]
Silly slave
#7 - GOmagikarp (09/27/2012) [+] (1 reply)
i hate black women
User avatar #6 - ccam (09/27/2012) [-]
#5 - jayekaye **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#4 - dishesaredone (09/27/2012) [-]
dumbass woman
dumbass woman
#2 - applescryatnight ONLINE (09/27/2012) [-]
actually there was a mom who forced her son to do naked lap dances on her 60 year old friends cause of the "crystal healing power"
User avatar #1 - ladefuckinda (09/27/2012) [-]
She's the worst mom ever? Not the ones who abandon their children? NOt the druggies? Not the alcoholics? Not he abusive mothers? Because she accidentally dropped her child she's the worse?
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