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Filipino Oppa Gangman Style


Eric 'Eruption' Tai spreads Gangnam Style fever across Manila. Look out for all the special celebrity cameos!!!

This video was conceptualized and produced by GRNMNGO - the viral company. team@ You need to login to view this link
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With special thanks to:
Island Media Asia www.facebook.com/IslandMediaAsia
It's Showtime (and the Showtime dancers)
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UP Street Dance
Gold's Gym
Planet Fitness

Cast in order of appearance:
Herlie Kim Artugue (0:03-0:07, 0:35-0:40) @herliekim18
Eric Tai aka Eruption @eric
Edward (care of Hobbit House)
Hillarie Parungao (0:35-0:40, 1:43-1:46)
Mica Javier (1:29-1:35) @DaRealMica
UP Street Dance (1:36-1:42) @upsdc
Cherry Malaya (1:43-1:46) @CherryMalaya
Ervin 'Dumbo' Plaza (1:58-2:06) @Dumbolicious
Andy Smith (2:12-2:16, 2:47-2:49) @thisisandysmith
Ryan Bang (2:24-2:32) @ryanbangko
Jugs Jugueta (2:36-2:39, 3:30-3:33) @jugsjugsjugs
It's Showtime Girls (2:36-2:39, 3:30-3:33) @ItsShowtime
Gretchen Fullido (2:43-2:46) @gretchenfullido
Billy Crawford (2:49-2:54) instagram@billyjoecrawford
XBgensan (2:49-2:54)
Anne Curtis (2:54-2:58, 3:42-3:45) @annecurtissmith
Megan Young (2:57-3:01) @meganbata
Rovilson Fernandez (3:01-3:03) @rovilson_f
Jinno Rufino (3:03-3:05) @jinnorufino
Randy Santiago (3:06-3:12)
Young JV (3:12-3:18) @YoungJVofficial
Tim Yap (3:18-3:20, 3:23-3:26) @officialTIMYAP
Christian Bautista (3:20-3:23) @xtianbautista
Ginger Conejoro (3:26-3:28) @gingerconejoro
Gab Valenciano (3:28-3:30, 3:36-3:41) @gabvalenciano
Colleen Garcia (3:28-3:30, 3:36-3:41) @coleengarcia
Slater Young (3:33-3:36) @thatguySLATER

Directed & Edited by Derek Wanner (GRNMNGO)
With big help from...
Jason Donato
Michael McDonnell, Charlie Sutcliffe, Daniel Marsh (Island Media Asia)
LJ Lee
Mark Espina

Be sure to check out the original Gangnam Style video by clicking the link below.

Big thanks to the original rights holder Psy (YG Entertainment) for making the world a happier place =)

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