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My childhood heroes


From executive producer, John Di Maggio in association with Dundee Entertainment and Cinovative, comes a documentary on the mysterious world of "Voice Over & Voice Acting." We have collected the top voice actors, voice directors, casting voice directors, video game producers, animators, creators, agents, producers, engineers, mixers, dialogue editors, voice teachers, voice school and all those involved in the booming voice-over industry. This is a must see documentary for anyone that wants to know what goes on behind the scenes in your favorite cartoons, animations, and anything to do with voice acting. This is the first trailer, as we are still in production on this obtaining more quality interviews for our fans and supporters. Like us on facebook for updates and behind the scenes photos. For full cast info please check You need to login to view this link as we are adding new talent constantly.

Have you ever watched a cartoon or played a video game if the answer is yes than you might be interested in this. If the answer is no than **** you.

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I'm just going to leave this here for you guys...