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Faith in humanity lost

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First of all, I just want to say that I saw this video and it made me feel really bad.
I would honestly call Mike Tyson and make him give what she gave to that baby.
I am not trying to hunt thumbs here and I mostly think this is nothing but gross and just..
This is really **** that makes me mad. I just can't handle people hitting their defenseless kids.
The other day I saw a woman hitting her child in a store and I really felt like kicking her ass.
Not that it makes it any better, but I just want to scream out loud when I see someone doing **** like that.
I hope you guys agree with me in this matter - otherwise, feel free to tell me.
Oh and if anyone has any idea why anyone would do this, let me know.


Views: 2899 Submitted: 08/24/2012
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User avatar #8 - drewthepoo
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(08/25/2012) [-]
omg this came right after front page and i though "funnyjunk... where have you gone?"
#12 - anon id: 7d08a2e2
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(08/25/2012) [-]
looks like som1 cudnt afford plan B
#10 - anon id: 3fc339aa
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(08/25/2012) [-]
10/10 i ******* lol'd
10/10 i ******* lol'd
#9 - anon id: 9848ea29
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(08/25/2012) [-]
I dont even know what this world is coming to anymore.. I am crying right now. A baby is helpless and can't defend itself and completely relies on the mother for everything. Why would anyone do this? What goes through peoples minds now a days. Its sickening.. This world is cruel.
#11 to #9 - anon id: 04643c45
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(08/25/2012) [-]
>crying from a video

#7 - persseus
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(08/24/2012) [-]
Jesus ******* christ! What an absolute utter ******* retarded whore! ******* send 4chan on this stupid ass punk coward ************!
#6 - anon id: 447aaf17
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(08/24/2012) [-]
Just disgusting.