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Voltaire - God thinks ( READ DESC )


'Everyone. This song is not against christians. It's about how people use the name of God for their own agenda!

I'm an atheist, but whether you're christian, muslim or buddhist do not take offence in this song. And those of you, who like me, do not belive in god: This song is not to be taking literally. You should think about some of the stuff he says, like the opening line, "God thinks all blacks are obsolete farm equipment". That was what the whites first claimed. Hitler was against Jews, and said that God was too, Some people claims that whites are like Satan, and so on..
So when he sings, "they know what God thinks" he means that people keep claiming that they know what God really thinks, and then they use it against whoever they dislike.
"first to throw the stone, and use his name for your own protection"


I hope that this will reduce the misunderstanding of the song

And remember, you don't have to take religion so seriously all the time, relax and enjoy a good song from a wonderful artist! Peace begins with a smile my brothers and sisters!

Btw: the song is from the album "Almost human" ' ( This is the video's desc, but I agree 100% with him )

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User avatar #1 - tulioandmiguel [OP]
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(08/16/2012) [-]
I just posted this song because of the constant religious fights on FJ,

Listen to the full song and read desc before thumbing, this is not a bash against any religion nor against anyone.

I respect everyone, and each own individual has its own beliefs.