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&amp;quot;oh by the way i ****** misty!&amp;quot;<br />
Lyrics: <br />
I'm Gary Oak<br />
I'm Gary Oak<br />
Everybody hates me 'cause I'm Gary ******* Oak<br />
I'm Gary Oak<br />
I'm Gary Oak<br />
Take a good hard look cause its Gary ******* Oak<br />
I'm Gary Oak mother ****** take a look at me.<br />
Your pokemon will never beat my Eevee<br />
You're lookin worn down, but I'm all set to go<br />
You can't beat me mother ****** cause I'm Gary Oak<br />
Catch an Abra, trick<br />
I'm Gary Oak, bitch<br />
I've got a cheerleading team,<br />
'Cause I'm so sick<br />
I got my Growlith<br />
And my Kribby Krabby<br />
I've caught em all but your Pokedex lookin' shabby<br />
I'm riding Magikarp,<br />
Doing flips and **** ,<br />
The karp is splashin', gettin errybody all wet<br />
Yeah this is Pokemon, this is real as it gets<br />
I'm Gary Oak mother ****** don't you ever forget<br />
I'm Gary Oak and<br />
I'm the best and<br />
I got a Safari Zone badass Kangaskhan<br />
I'm the best in the world<br />
I beat the elite fo'<br />
After you're worn down,<br />
you'll have to fight me-oh<br />
Hey Professor, this Oak is real!<br />
**** Ash, I'm Gary Oak mother ****** <br />
**** gyms, I got badges mother ****** <br />
I drive a car with my girls mother ****** <br />
My Polywhirl make swirls mother ****** <br />
Hey Brock I know you'd get aroused<br />
I brought nurse Joy a talking Meowth<br />
Tonight she's gonna come back to my house<br />
Like Team Rocket,<br />
We're blastin off again!<br />
Yeah, never thought I'd fight Gary Oak<br />
He K.O.'d every one of my poke's,<br />
Pokemon caught by me, oohh<br />
Never thought I'd see the day<br />
When Gary finally walked away<br />
By the way,<br />
I ****** Misty

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Submitted: 06/07/2010
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#1 - KillerWhopper (06/07/2010) [-]
In Soviet Russia Gary Oak Hates you.
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